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Cooma Football Club is one of the oldest continuous Football Clubs in Australia with a very proud tradition considering the small region in which it resides.
The Club was formed back in 1952 by the workforce of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme which attracted people from all walks of life.

The Club is affiliated with Capital Football as our regional body and they in turn are affiliated with Football Federation of Australia.

Today, our club consists of teams between the ages of 12-18 in Junior Community Leagues. We also have a men State League 2 team consisting of both a reserve grade and a first grade squad. Our women's team also compete in State League 2 division.

2022 Season Summary

Blackened Paper

Historical Life members

  1. Gulio Damico

  2. David Wilkins

  3. Ken Silich

  4. Cor VanLeeuwen

  5. Len Cox

  6. Ignacio Modello

  7. Nicola Tonini

  8. Brendan Toohey

  9. Lotte von der Berg

  10. Kurt von der Berg

  11. Wally Fitzgerald

  12. David Elliott

  13. Heather Elliott

  14. Mick Klima

  15. John Schoon

  16. Simon Schoon

  17. Ron Schoon

  18. Dennis Minehan

2022 Life membership awards

  1. Mark Burke

  2. Daniel Walker

  3. David Damico

2023 Life membership awards

  1. Donna Anderson

  2. John Gargett

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